Garment and Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

How should you care for your Jewelry?

Everyone would like for their jewelry to last for a while and we believe that informing you how to properly care for your jewelry will make a huge difference in maintaining it the glow, longevity and quality.

Care Instructions:

Accessor.ology Kloset has aimed to provide you with great quality with affordable pricing.  Here are some things that you can avoid in order to ensure that your items will last for months/years. You should avoid interaction with chemicals. Many different chemical combinations can be very harsh on the gold plating and silver. Often cleaning products can affect the surface of your jewelry while stripping them of its natural shine.

Since chemical reactions can be harsh. It is always a good idea to remove your jewelry when taking a bath/shower, cleaning, applying makeup, lotions, hairspray and perfumes.

Chlorine is a very harsh chemical that will affect the color of your jewelry so we recommend that you remove all jewelry before entering a hot tube/pool. Another recommendation to keep your jewelry vibrant is to remove your jewelry when you are changing clothes and when you are sleeping, as it could cling to the fabric and possibly break.

Gold & Silver Cleaning:

Since Silver will eventually tarnish, the more care you take at all times, the more cleaning time you can save later on. We recommend that you remove fingerprints and light tarnish with a cleaning cloth.

Accessor.ology Kloset is committed to bringing you great quality at all times.